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Ivan Djomegni

Certified Google Associate Cloud Engineer, AWS Cloud Practitioner, and Azure Fundamentals / ITILv4 Certified
I.T. Engineer     |    English & French

Professional Summary

Detail-oriented with +4-year experience in the IT Industry, proficient with the latest computer, software, and cloud technologies, seeking to bring fast, intelligent solutions in your organization.

Bilingual in French and English, hard worker and self-motivated team player with strong attention to detail, I always want to maintain a high level of professionalism while providing consistent and quality service. Fast learner and welcomes the challenge to learn and develop new skills.



Calgary, Alberta (Open for relocation anywhere in Canada)




- CIPS (Canada's Association of I.T. Professionals)

- ASET (Association of Science & Engineering Technology Professionals of Alberta)

Status (Last updated in November, 2021)

Employed Full time

Open for contract and/or remote work


BMO Financial Group - Canada

October 2021 - Present

Cloud DevOps Engineer

Work experience involves:

Cloud Platforms
Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services 100%
DevOps Engineering
Python, Node.js, Java/TypeScript, PowerShell 90%
Continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD)
AWS CDK, CloudFormationGitHub, Bitbucket, Artifactory 100%
Cloud Deployment Troubleshooting and Support 73%
Containers, Function as a Service, managed databases 85%
Cloud Documentation and training 72%

Cloud Engineer part of the DevOps Automation team, my job is focused on implementing automated CI/CD pipelines which eliminates human intervention and reduces the cost of rework for every implementation. :

  • Designing and implementing baselines for Infrastructure provisioning using CDK and cloud formation templates to ensure consistency across the entire framework.
  • Utilizing AWS CDK to develop Infrastructure as Code for cloud deployments.
  • Designs solutions, writes code, performs unit testing, develops appropriate artefacts / documentation, and facilitates final delivery.
Toolchains: Bitbucket, AWS CDK, Artifactory, GitHub, EC2, S3, Lambda and other AWS resources, NodeJS, Confluence, Linux, Python, JavaScript, TypeScript…etc

August 2021 - October 2021

Jr. Cloud Engineer

Work experience involves:

Cloud Platforms
Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services 100%
API and Webhook development
Python, Node.js, Ruby, PowerShell and Shell Scripting 90%
Continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD)
Ansible, Terraform 80%
Managing public cloud infrastructure 94%
Containers, Function as a Service, managed databases 85%
DevOps and System Engineering 72%


  • Enhances BMO’s Cloud capability through development and implementation of cloud application patterns.
  • Develop automation playbooks for provisioning, management and scalability of hosts, containers, applications and cloud services.
  • Participate in cloud initiative to develop and implement solution designs for business application workloads moving to cloud, and collaborate with senior cloud engineering team members to build IaC modules using provider native IaC tools to enrich our library of infrastructure as code.
  • Research and propose technical solutions in AWS and Azure for data connections, data transformations, application integration and operational frameworks
  • Work in close collaboration with Engineering, DevOps and CIO teams to develop Service Catalogues, and actively participate in the continuous enhancement of the capability, security and experience of the enterprise public cloud platform.

Long View Systems - Calgary, Alberta

March 2021 - July 2021

Jr. DevOps Cloud Analyst

Work experience involves:

Microsoft Azure Administration & Azure DevOps 95%
Linux / Unix Administration 90%
Server Operation and Infrastructure with LogicMonitor 80%
Network structure, web application architectures, micro- services 85%
HTTP protocol, RESTful APIs, SDKs, SaaS models 74%
Scripts analysis/writing with JavaScript 56%
Backup Sets Monitoring with Asigra - Power BI 65%


  • Participate in Technical Tasks and processes with the DevOps and Automation team.
  • Design, develop, deploy, maintain, and continuously improve cloud management platform solutions
  • Install and configure linux servers for infrastructure and automation services following CI/CD practices.
  • Build and maintain tools, solutions, and microservices associated with deployment and our operations platform, ensuring that all meet our customer service standards and reduce errors, and assist in resolving situations impacting our clients
  • Test our system integrity, implemented designs, application developments, and other processes related to infrastructure, making improvements as needed, and write documentation for processes and troubleshooting steps.
  • Review and analyse code for accuracy and functionality, as well as manage, and write / edit where required automation scripts in IPcenter / 1desk.

May 2019 - March 2021

Bilingual IT Analyst - Systems Consultant

Work experience involves:

Troubleshoot and Resolve Technical & Procedural issues 100%
Microsoft Office 365 Troubleshooting 91%
Remote Access Tools 87%
I.T. Ticketing Systems - Resolution and Escalations 96%
Customer Service 100%
Server Operation and Infrastructure 60%


  • Provide technical and operational support services in French and English for Hardware and Software issues to a variety of Long View clients across the Globe, including America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.
  • Achieve an average of 500 contacts per month, with a consistent average of 80% incident resolution(FLR) where the expected target is 40%, with a consistant top #1 raking in agent stats, inspiring other team members to improve.
  • Provide fully documented customer issues in a ticket management system, analyze the customer’s symptoms, determine the customer’s urgency, and where possible provide resolution to the customer’s issue.
  • Continue to look for process improvement opportunities, and follow up with peers and leads in improving service delivery.
  • Train new Consultants as needed, and write knowledge base articles for troubleshooting steps.

Navii - Alberta

January 2019 - Present

Full Stack Developer - Founder

Work experience involves:

Web Development 100%
Support Documentation & Reports 100%
Customer Service 100%


  • Chief Developer of all projects for Navii's clients, from website and software development, support and documentation
  • Oversee the operation of the business and onboarding of new clients
  • Manage the business' online presence
  • Act as the primary contact for all request from clients and third parties.

West Wind Gymnastics Club - Lethbridge, Alberta

January 2019 - April 2019

Full Stack Developer - IT Intern

Work experience involves:

Web Development 100%
Support Documentation & Reports 85%
Customer Service 100%


  • Developed a brand new website (West Wind Gymnastic Club Website) that is user friendly, and created a database for sign-ups and members portal.
  • Created an user guide for how to operate and make changes to the website
  • Work under the supervision of the Executive Director to ensure the website is functional and provides reports as needed
  • Communicate regularly with the Executive Director to add features as needed on the website, update content and fixing bugs.

Palliser Regional Schools - Alberta

May 2018 - September 2018

Computer Technician - Summer Intern

Work experience involves:

IT Database Management 96%
IT Deskside Support 90%
Networking 77%
Hardware Maintenance 86%
System Analysis 64%


  • Provided day to day technical support and training for team members related to computer hardware, software, mobile devices and other technical tools and products.
  • Assisted in the deployment of about 2000 new computers across the Division, including Chromebooks and Windows computers using SCCM.
  • Worked with the IT Staff in the inventory tracking, testing and deployment of hardware, and ensure efficient and effective product deployment
  • Provided laptop and wireless network support as needed with Palliser IT Staff
  • Equipment deprovisioning, and Workstation maintenance and upgrading as needed with Palliser IT Staff

Lethbridge Food Bank - Lethbridge, Alberta

January 2018 - May 2018

Full Stack Developer - IT Intern

Work experience involves:

Web development 100%
Software Development 85%
Database Creation and Management 67%
Customer Service 100%


  • Developed a brand new online sign-up tool (website) that is user friendly, and increased user's engagement by 25%.
  • Coordinated website development tasks with the team of developers to ensure efficiency and meeting deadlines.
  • Created a user guide for how to operate and make changes to the website
  • Work together with the two foodbanks to ensure the website is functional and provides reports as needed
  • Communicate regularly with the Target Hunger Coordinators to ensure functionality of the sign-up tool

Skills & Strengths

Entry Level: 0% - 49%
Intermediary : 50% - 89%
Senior : 90% - 100%
Operating Systems
Windows 7 and newer 100%
Windows Server 2012 and newer 87%
MAC OS X Leopard and newer 78%
Linux / Unix 82%
Chrome OS 100%
Active Directory 95%
Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) 75%
Virtual Machine Manager / VMware 82%
Azure DevOps 36%
1Desk 17%
Windows Firewall 78%
Group Policy Management 83%
Power BI 25%
Android Studio 86%
Visual Studio 76%
CodeBlocks 74%
Netbeans 57%
Routing Systems (Cisco, D-link...) 86%
Remedy Ticketing System 96%
WordPress 100%
MS Office Suite 100%
Hardware & Networking
Desktops 97%
Laptops 100%
RAID System 61%
Firewall 77%
Networking (TCP/IP, Routing, DNS & DHCP) 95%
Devices / Networking Equipments 92%
C++ 70%
C# 73%
Java 82%
.NET 26%
Python 24%
Powershell 31%
HTML 100%
PHP 87%
AJAX 65%
JavaScript 77%
CSS 95%
XML 87%
MySQL 77%
Cloud Computing Technology
Amazon Web Services (AWS) 48%
Google Cloud Platform (GCP) 56%
Microsoft Azure 49%
TeraForm 23%
Chef 20%
Kubernetes 30%
English 100%
French 100%


Lethbridge College - Lethbridge
Alberta, Canada

September 2017 - April 2019

Computer Science

Courses :

Algorithms and Problem Solving

Computer Hardware Maintenance

Computer Networking I, II, & III

Computer Programming I & II

Database Management Systems

Web Programming

HTML and Web Publishing

Introduction to Linux

Mobile App Development

Operating Systems Theory

Systems Analysis & Design I & II

IT Integration Seminar

Mathematics for CIT

User-Centered Interface Design

IT Field Work

Business Communication

Financial Accounting I

Introduction to Management

Introduction to Marketing

Cloud Computing Technology

Certifications: (click to view)

Google Cloud Platform - GCP

Microsoft Azure

- AZ-900 : Azure Fundamentals (January 2020)
- AZ-104 : Cloud Administrator (In Progress)

Amazon Web Services - AWS

- AWS Cloud Practitioner (Nov 2019)
- Associate Solution Architect (In Progress)

Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL®)

December 2019

Harvard University - Cambridge
Massachusetts, USA

September 2019 - December 2019


CS50 - Introduction to Computer Science

CS50 - Computer Science for Business Professionals


Master of Ceremony / Host (Bilingual) - Calgary Maple Festival des Sucres

March 2018

Alberta Canadian-French Association (ACFA)
Alberta, Canada

Recreation Leader - Canada 150th Celebration

July 2017

Alberta Canadian-French Association (ACFA)
Alberta, Canada


Travel / Explorer
Capturing moments
Feeling the music
Video gaming
Being on a Computer

Liam Davis

Team Lead – Direct Report

Long View Systems – December 2020


” Ivan’s communication exceeds expectations. As he is relatively new to his career, the way he expresses sincerity and respects others is beyond expectations. I’ve never had an issue with Ivan in regards to the way he communicates with others. Ivan also assimilates criticism very well and demonstrates his ability to adapt to changes.”


” Ivan presents an extremely positive attitude with every interaction I have with him as well as others. He displays excellent decision making skills and always seeks out guidance when he cannot figure things out. Ivan always steps up to the plate to handle escalations and assists others when they need assistance. “

Overall Job Requirement

” Irregardless of his shift, Ivan maintains the highest amount of contacts on his pod, each month. There has only been 2 months in the past year where he was not the top, and that was due to vacations. He exceeds his ability and the requirements by handling more contacts than required for his position. He understands his role very well and applies all of the technical requirements for his position. “

Quality of Work

” Ivan always takes a proactive stance when trying to solve issues, sometimes to where it is too proactive. Without being asked, Ivan always looks to improve processes / documentation. He consistently plans ahead and ensures that processes are in place in case something gets missed. He takes ownership of mistakes and improves his quality with every piece of feedback he receives. “

Continuous Development

” Ivan has excelled in his development since he started at LVS. He has taken and completed 5 certifications since he was hired at LVS, most on his own dime/time. He is always looking to improve himself and he networks himself very well around LVS. He continuously looks for his next opportunity and speaks with many people regarding his next steps. So much to the point where people are reaching out to him.”

Matthew Lillywhite

DevOps Consultant, Automation Services

Long View Systems – June 2021

” For integrity, growth & hard work, I would like to recognize Ivan. He joined the Automation team to help us deal with a backlog of projects and has been key in getting those projects completed.
He constantly shows a eagerness to learn and solve problems. He does not shy away from the hard tasks and conversations, always making sure they are followed through to completion.

Thanks Ivan ! “

Kelli Parsons

Executive Director

West Wind Gymnastics Club – April 2019

” Ivan was professional, organized, efficient and helpful throughout the entire process. He was patient with our organization getting the content and ideas to him, but when we did, he was extremely quick at responding and getting the task done. When it was time to hand the website back over to us, he was extremely helpful in creating tips, answering our questions and teaching us how to update and manage it. “

Timothy Frantz

Instructor – Computer Information Technology

Lethbridge College – May 2019

” Ivan is extremely creative and his graphic design skills are exceptional. I have been consistently impressed with all his layout and visual work. Ivan is big on research. He has submitted many excellent professional and intelligently written documents. While Ivan works very well as an individual, his ability to function well as a team is clearly evident. He has demonstrated clear leadership qualities, and clear understanding of, and a strong desire for, business professionalism. “