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Split the bill - Version 2 - Android

Purpose: Implement an action bar in the Split the Bill app to include new features.

Requirements: Using the previous version of the Split the Bill app add an action bar that will have two items.

The first item should allow the user to select if they pay a tip on only the purchased items or on the total which includes taxes. This may require extra fields to allow the user to separate the purchases from the tax included total.
The second item would allow the user to enable or disable payment rounding. This option, when enabled, should round the amount that each individual needs to pay up to the next whole dollar.

Purpose: You are out with your friends at a nice restaurant. This App allows you to split the bill, including the tip, among the member of your party.

Requirements: A welcome screen will display the title, an image and a button. Tapping the button displays a second screen. This second screen, gathers input and displays the output. Inputs on this screen will be the bill total, the number in your group and a spinner control allowing the user to rate the quality of service. 

Excellent service should be rewarded with a 18% tip; good service would get a 10% tip and poor service gets no tip at all. 

The calculated amount for each person will be calculated and display when a button is tapped. The amount could also be updated if the spinner changes (recommended for easier operation).

Split the bill - Version 1 - Android