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(Java Programming)

Tic Tac Toe Game
This Tic Tac Toe game allows the players to take turns placing their mark on the 8×8 game board. The game is won by the player who successfully places 4 of their marks adjacent to one another in a straight line. The group of marks can be oriented vertically, horizontally or diagonally.
This software is a Payroll System. It allows the user to create employees. An interface file and two classes are used to represent two types of employees. Using the superclass of Employee and the interface of Payroll, I created two subclasses Hourly and Commission that will be used to calculate biweekly pay amount.
Software - Employee Payroll
Software - Palindrome Checker
This software is a Palindrome checker. Using this application, the user will be able to perform some analysis on text. The analysis will allow the user to check if the data entered is a palindrome and will also report several other statistics of the usage of the characters that comprises the entered data.
This Number Magnifier software resolve poorly formatted files. It takes a files, read the content and modify the formatting, then output the result to a new file. This software processes numbers.
The user specifies the path of the original file, as well as the path for the output file,  set the field width and set the precision (after decimal point), then set how many columns on each line. Theses should be specified before the new file is created.
Software - Number Magnifier

My Dates with Celine Sharp
(C# Programming)

Software - Number Magnifier
Celine and I are fan of soccer. On a saturday night, in the couch, we were watching the Classico (Real Madrid vs FC Barcelona).
At the end of the match, Celine came up with a legitimate idea: she wanted to keep track of the goals scored by her favorites players. Because of her busy schedule, she couldn’t watch all the games. I volunt-told to write an user-friendly application called the Top Scored Tracker (Not the best name).
The application allows Celine to enter the player’s names, jersey numbers and the number of goals scored.
These details will be stored in an array that is created using a custom class. Once she has all her favorites players stored, she can come back and edit their number of goal scored, and see who is on top of the list.
Celine and I were planning our trip to Europe for our first anniversary.
To do so, we had to phone several hotels in different European countries to have details on their vacation packages (Celine is very picky).
We were worried about the cost of the calls we were going to make, so I decided to build an International Phone Call Calculator application that allowed Celine to enter the estimated duration of a call and the destination area code.
Using that information, the application will then output the relevant information from the parallel arrays and calculate the total charges for the call. It displays the rate, minimum time duration and the calculated call charge.
International Phone Call Calculator

I got a C+ at C++, and it was just a mark
(C++ Programming)

Little Red Counter
My grand-mother is not the best shopper when it comes to keep tracking her expenses.
Because I love her, I wrote a program that I implemented into a device called “little red counter” to make her life easier during shopping. Now, my grand-mother always takes that little red counter to the grocery store.
The counter is used to keep tracking the amount of money she would have spent so far on that visit to the store, if she bought all the items in her basket.
There is a four digit display, increment buttons for each digit, and a reset button. There is an overflow indicator that comes up red if she reaches 9999.
This program translates between Arabic (regular numbering) and Roman numerals.
The program asks the user which system they would like to translate a year to (A for Arabic, R for Roman, X to exit the program).
When translating to Roman, the user enters a number in the range of 1000 to 3000 (inclusive). When translating to Arabic, the user enters only the letters I, V, X, L, C, D, M ( 1, 5, 10, 50, 100,500, 1000).
Then the program output the result. The program loops to let the user perform multiple calculations.
Roman Numeral Converter
Document Analysis
This is a Document Analysis program. It works by asking the user for a file to read (The user either specify a path, or upload a file).
The program then reads through that file and count all the vowels. Once done, it create an output file with the same name plus the word “Analysis”, that contains a bar graph of the frequency of vowels used in the original file.